Friday, August 23, 2013


After a great summer with great weather and a lovely vacation in Italy, we started the renovations of our new home. It is a house from 1937. I'm so happy. In this picture you can see my future studio. What a luxury. Right now I am busy with the move and will have little time to sew.

This cross- stitch is my summer project.  I'm stitching patterns I like on a fabric. I don't know what I will do with it yet when it is finished. I'm enjoying the progress and it is nice to have something easy to work on when I have time. 

One of these girls isn't mine but she could be mine. She is my son's girlfriend :-) 
They were sitting on the couch and I had to smile, they all wear their hair like this, seems to be the style these days.



Kathie said...

Oh Lucy good look with all the renovations to your new home! can't wait to see your sewing room all set up and in use!

Ann said...

Oh Lucy I am so happy to see a glimpse of your new/old home. Lovely photos. All the very best, Ann

Marga (MarPie) said...

Heerlijk dat luxe atelier, ben wel een heel klein beetje jaloers hoor.
Leuk je borduur werk en heerlijk de dames zo op de bank.


Doniene said...

Oh, your very own studio!!! It looks absolutely lovely!! The girls are just beautiful!! What a fun photo!! I love your cross stitch!! Your projects are just so sweet and lovely!

Blessings on your new home!! Hugs to all!


Annemieke said...

Wauw je nieuwe plek ziet er erg gaaf uit. Heel veel licht denk ik? Leuk je borduurwerk op ruitjesstof.
En je 3 'dezelfde' meisjes...:)
Ben benieuwd hoe je huis wordt.

not so zen -quilts in Paris said...

I'm so happy for you, i'm sure you will make a cosy haven for your family, and the studio will be a quilter's paradise, for sure. And the girls? supernatural dutch stars, thank you for sharing this lovely period in your life with your fellow quilters. Love from Paris, will try to send you good vibes

Gayle said...

Ah - messy buns - some gals make them look so easy - but I have to work hard to do my hair that way - LOL! You must be so excited for your new studio - the anticipation is awesome.

Janet said...

Oh Lucy that's so exciting!! Your new studio will be filled with natural light. Your girls look beautiful.

Phyllis said...

Your studio is going to be lovely, what a beautiful light-filled room, such luxury, you will love working there, I can see many new quilts being created there! The girls look lovely, those messy buns are such fun. Good luck with all the work on the new house, you have great weather for it, great to be able to have the windows open when you are working there.

ria vogelzang said...

Ja, klopt hoor! Het is echt mode om je haar zo te dragen; hier loopt er nog zo eentje rond..... ;)
Wat leuk om foto's van jullie huis te zien! Wat een prachtig plekje voor een studio!!!!
Het wordt vast super!
Geniet van de verbouwing; doen hoor!
Het lijkt me fantastisch om een huis helemaal in je eigen stijl op te zetten!
Heel veel plezier!
Lieve groet, Ria.

Evelyne said...

O Lucy wat spannend je eigen atelier!!
Heerlijk zo'n eigen plek, waar je fijn je spullen kunt laten liggen en ze weer snel op kunt pakken.
Ben benieuwd hoe het gaat worden.
Je borduurwerk is leuk op die ruiten stof!
Wat een geweldig leuke foto van de drie ladies met dezelfde haarlook!

Lieve groetjes, Evelyne

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

OH, transformations and new beginnings are so exciting! I love to think of your new studio/atelier, and wish you everything good to happen there.

I love the look of these three girls with this hair style....It's not so different here.

ineke said...

Ziet er mooi (heeel mooi) uit Lucy. Succes met de verbouwing. Groetjes ineke

Marie said...

Oh my, Lucy! Your new studio is going to be amazing!!! Can I come and live with you? :)

Jans said...

Wat mooi dat glas in lood.
Mooie lichte kamer/studio/serre.
Mooie meisjes ook.
Succes en sterkte met de verbouwing en verhuizing.
Groet Janny S.

Quilts And Pieces said...

What a great studio that will be! And an adorable picture of the girls!

Patty said...

What a wonderful studio you will have. All that light coming in. Love the picture of the girls. They are all beautiful

David said...

You are going to love having a studio just for you!!! Renovating a house to make it a home is great, even if it means a lot of work.
Your x-stitch pattrens look great on the piece of fabric and your daughters are beautiful.
I guess it must be back-to-school time in the Netherlands too, so happy back-to-school :-)

Sandy said...

Cute girls .. and what's that tease of a quilt hanging above their heads? ps I also wear my hair in a messy bun, but mine's gray LOL!

How exciting about the house and its renovation. Lucky yes, but its a lot of hard work. Good luck!

Monica said...

your studio is going to be gorgeous!

Lori said...

Dear Lucy, .A new home?! How exciting and it looks so pretty already. How exciting to have a studio!!
The girls hair cracks me up! You could probably sit with them in a bun and you'd fit right in!

Craig said...

So many windows in your sewing will be lovely when finished. I am wondering what the quilt, above the 'cute blonds', looks like!? Your style is so relaxing. Can't wait to see the finished photos. Pat McDonald

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

It's not summer anymore. ;->

Lucy said...

I know Kristi, it's time to make a post. and you never guess what I'm doing. Looks like it is becoming a winterpost :-)

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

It may snow next week, here in Ohio.